Leonard the Luckless Lion game is about a poor lion cub stranded in a desert,...
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In this lion game you get to play with bumper cars. You see, once all the...
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This lion game is one of the rare games we have here at Lion Games that is both...
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The reason for the excessive growth of ligers is the fact that the growth inhibiting gene of the tiger mother is absent, so the growth promoting gene of the lion father is unimpeded by a regulating gene allowing...}
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The story of Elsa the Lioness is somewhat similar to that of Christian the Lion, though possibly with less of a happy end to it. Elsa was an orphaned cub, whose mother was killed by George Adamson in Kenya. Elsa’s...}
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Christian was a young male lion cub bought from Harrods by two Australians living in London. Yes, you read right, they bought a lion cub in a...}
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Welcome to Lion Games, the place where lions like to dress up in pretty clothes, play with children and catch chickens in front of the king. All the games here are free to play, so come on in and play as many lion games as you'd like! You can even add most of them to your own website for free.

If you thought that lions were just vicious, big cats that prowl the plains of Africa looking for prey you've got another thing coming, at least as far as these games are concerned.

We have many games for you to play, including Royal Beasts, where you actually get to see many animals (including lions, of course) which are kept for the entertainment of a English Kings, and see how they felt when you find yourself locked in a lion cage and trying to escape. And that's not all - we have games about lions riding bicycles, and about going on safaris, games about lions collecting stars and even a game about vegan lions being fed fruits by an elephant. You had no idea that a lion's day was so varied, did you? Neither did we. Truth be told, actual wild lions don't do most of these things, but if all games were strictly true to life, a lot of them would be pretty boring.

To prevent our games which are amazing fun, but somewhat removed from reality; from leaving our users with too many wrong impressions and misconceptions about lions, we've taken a somewhat unusual approach to making a games site. As well as pulling together as many lion games as we could get our paws on, we are also trying to provide some worthwhile content to accompany the games. Speaking of worthwhile content, if it's facts you're interested in head on over to our lion trivia page and find out more about the king of the jungle. Did you know that lions are the only species of cat to have a different appearance for each sex, and that in a pride it's the females that do most of the hunting? Or that 50 years ago, two men raised a baby lion in the middle of London and then successfully reintroduced him back into the wild in Africa?

And if reality isn't really your cup of tea, these are all the things a lion can do in a lion game:

All the Things a Lion Can do in a Lion Game

One of our many amazing lion games claims that lion cubs have fully grown manes. This seems to b a common misconception when it comes to lion games involving cubs, perhaps because the game designers feel that lions will be more recognisable if they have manes, perhaps just because manes look cool. Either way, according to the wisdom of the gaming world lion cubs have full grown manes. There you have it.

Don't believe it? Play Leonard the Lucklss Lion Game and see for yourself.

In one of our amazing lion games, a lion can drive a bumper car, shoot missiles, and is perfectly willing to be harasses by a zebra, with no attempt at retaliation apart from a quick bump in the back of the zebra's bumper car. Bears are much the same in this game.
Don't believe it? Play Zoo Dodgem Game and see for yourself.

In the Lion Typing Game you can escape a gruesome death at the teeth of a very hungry man-eating lion by typing very quickly. Nope, that is not a joke, you really need to just type as fast as possible and you may manage to escape being maimed and then eaten by a hungry jungle king.

Don't believe it? Play Lion Typing Game and see for yourself.

According to Colour the Lion Game, a lion is as versed in camouflage as a chameleon. He can be blue, red or green, or even black if he needs to hide in the dark, and the change takes only a second. If lions could really do this, there wouldn’t be too many antelopes left in the world.

Don't believe it? Play Colour the Lion Game and see for yourself.

According to the lion football game, lions can play be amazing goalkeepers for football games, which is not that unlikely if you think about it, as they have their amazing cat reflexes, and incredible speed working for them. The unlikely parts of this scenario are the claim that their sharp claws and teeth would not break the ball, and the even more unlikely idea that a lion would cry if he does not manage to defend his goal. We here at Lion games strongly believe that a proper lion would rather eat his opponent than cry faced with defeat.

Don't believe it? Play Lion Football Game and see for yourself.

According to the Baby Lion Dress-up Game a lion can be safely and easily dressed up. If you’ve ever owned even the cuddliest, calmest, laziest domestic cat you will realise how unlikely it is that a feline would allow you to put a hat with Viking hors on them, but thanks to the magic of lion games you can try your hand at just that.

Don't believe it? Play Baby Lion Dressup Game and see for yourself.

According to the Jungle Run game a grown lion can die from running into a rock. No kidding, there are no external forces at work here, no one flinging the lion towards the roock, no violent explosions, nothing at all, just a lion running so fast that if he hits a rock he dies instantly. We here at Lion Games thought and pondered and meditated about that one for many sleepless nights, but found no answer to how that would be possible.

Don't believe it? Play Jungle Run Game and see for yourself.

According to the Blue Lion Zoo Island Game, a lion is first of all blue, and he can solve difficult puzzles, help other animals bake cakes, and plant flowers. He can also carry a large variety of objects around with no problem (we spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out where he stores them as he actually carries enough wood on him to build a whole bridge) and he can also talk. And lastly - he can speak to all kinds of small helpless animals without getting the slightest urge to turn them into a much needed lunch.

Don't believe it? Play Blue Lion Zoo Island Game and see for yourself.

According to the Ghost Catching Game a lion wears sunglasses, collects diamonds, and can survive getting hit by a bomb. Also, diamonds and bombs alike fall from the sky,  and this does not seem to puzzle our lion at all, he calmly collects his diamonds and stores them at an undisclosed location, completely unfazed by this strange development.

Don't believe it? Play Ghost Catching Game and see for yourself.

According to Lion King Crocodile Adventure Game a lion cub can jump from croc’s head to croc’s head without getting hurt. While lions are not exactly a part of a crocodile’s regular diet, we here at Lion Games are pretty sure that no self-respecting croc would stand for being used as a stepping stone by a baby lion.

Don't believe it? Play Lion King Crocodile Adventure Game and see for yourself.

According to the Lion Ride game, a lion can not only ride a bicycle, but also do jumps and tricks. And why does a lion do this? Who knows? Our guess is that it’s probably for the fame, fortune and the love of lionesses.
Don't believe it? Play Lion Ride Game and see for yourself.

According to the Safari Park game, a lion likes nothing better than going on a safari, and he does this by riding on top of an SUV. Either that or he has decided to scare the living bejesus out of the poor people going on a safari, but one way or the other he spends his time riding around on the top of a safari vehicle, trying not to fall off.

Don't believe it? Play Safari Park Apeldoorn Game and see for yourself.

According to Leo's Trail of Glory Game, a lions is grey, and spends most of his time running around the jungle collecting gems and stars, and can get eaten by killer flowers, or killed by cute little pink birds that squirt him with water. Also, a lion can get different suits that allow him to walk on different surfaces.

Don't believe it? Play Leo's Trail of Glory Game and see for yourself.

According to the Lion Fruit Bouncer Game, lions are vegans, and eat apples which elephants throw them using their trunks. Seriously. And also, the lions do not move towards the apples, oh no, they simply eat the ones that bounce close enough to them, otherwise they simply ignore them.

Don't believe it? Play Lion Fruit Bouncer Game and see for yourself.

According to the lion story game, a lion would be perfectly happy living as a part of a family, more like a friend that just a pet, and would have no problem allowing children to ride him or even acting as a babysitter when the busy parents are away.
Don't believe it? Play Lion Story Game and see for yourself.

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