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Escape the Lion Cage Game

Escape the Lion Cage is a puzzle game about a poor unfortunate circus worker who got stuck in a lion cage. Now, some may say that it serves him right for working in a circus that still does animal shows, and that those animals are held in inhumane conditions and deserve better, so maybe the first step towards it should be a meal of fresh human, but we are not here to judge, we are here to help our fellow man. Plus, you never know, maybe he got stuck in the cage as he was trying to free the lion, or heal him, or do something else worthy of a human being.

Either way, your goal in the game is to free this unfortunate soul without waking up the lion you are sharing the cage with. To do this you will need to collect several items scattered and hidden around the screen, and then combine, throw and use them in various ways to finally escape the lion cage, but be careful, if you wake the lion up he will decide to take out all the frustration of his life in captivity on you, and then it’s game over. Once you know the solution (or look up a walkthrough on YouTube like some people here at Lion Games did) the game is fairly quick to complete, but if your powers of perception are less than superb, and you decide not to cheat, it may take you quite a while to complete your task.

The game controls are simple: click an item to pick it up, or use the mouse to drag it over if you wish to put is somewhere. If you are hoping for tips on how to actually complete the game, I’m afraid that you’re looking at the wrong place, we will offer no spoilers. But, we can’t guarantee that no one will leave some in the game reviews.

Good luck escaping the lion cage.

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