Leonard the Luckless Lion game is about a poor lion cub stranded in a desert,...
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In this lion game you get to play with bumper cars. You see, once all the...
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This lion game is one of the rare games we have here at Lion Games that is both...
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The reason for the excessive growth of ligers is the fact that the growth inhibiting gene of the tiger mother is absent, so the growth promoting gene of the lion father is unimpeded by a regulating gene allowing...}
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The story of Elsa the Lioness is somewhat similar to that of Christian the Lion, though possibly with less of a happy end to it. Elsa was an orphaned cub, whose mother was killed by George Adamson in Kenya. Elsa’s...}
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Christian was a young male lion cub bought from Harrods by two Australians living in London. Yes, you read right, they bought a lion cub in a...}
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Jungle Run Game

Jungle Run is a simple lion game – it feels a bit like an extended version of the Running Lion Game to tell you the truth – it’s the same lion, and he is still running towards an undisclosed destination, dodging all kinds of obstacles, though this time the jungle is filled with stakes which bring you extra points, and probably make your big cat feel happy and full. Unfortunately, if your lion fails to avoid stones or other animals in his way – he dies. As with the Running Lion Game, the whole staff of Lion Games got together and brainstormed on how in the world would it be possible for a grown lion (and he is grown – you can tell by the mane) to run into a stone so hard that he dies. We tried, we thought, we sought an explanation, but we could simply not come up with one. The reasoning behind this game might remain eternal mystery to the simple minds of us here at lion games, so please, if you come up with any kind of explanation for this lion related phenomena please share it with us, we would love to know.

Anyway, back to our lion game – the controls are simple, use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump over things. Our advice is to keep to the left side of the screen, because that way you have a bigger chance of avoiding obstacles, as you have more time to plan your moves. You can turn off the sounds by clicking the button at the top right corner of the screen, and we do recommend that you do it, with all our hearts.

Have fun getting your lion to wherever he is headed to. We hate to admit it, but no one here at Lion Games had the patience to play this particular game to its final conclusion, so shamefully, we have no idea how it ends. If you know, please share your wisdom with us in the comments.

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